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MaxPrecise™ Help

What is this feature?

The MaxPrecise™ feature treats your multi-word query as if it were a phrase. It requires the search terms to be near each other and in the same fields (such as title or expertise).

When should you use MaxPrecise™?

Use MaxPrecise™ when your searches include a multi-term phrase, and do not include either a Scholar Name or an Affiliation Name.

How does it help my search results?

This search will reduce the number of people who are returned who may have all your search terms on their profile, but are not truly connected to the concept embodied in your search phrase. By limiting the results based on finding the search terms in one field and requiring that the terms be near each other, the results are going to be more precise without requiring an exact match as you would receive if the query had been placed in quotation marks.

How is this different from a quoted phrase search?

A quoted phrase search requires the terms to be in the exact order and right next to each other on a profile. Quoting a multi-term search query will return the most precise results.


A search on African elephant without using MaxPrecise™:
This search will find Scholar Profiles that have both of these terms in any field on the profile. Therefore, it may find a match to African in the affiliation field (Department of African Studies) and in a title field (e.g., “The elephant in the room: A history of political...”), but it does not require the terms to be in the same field or near each other.

A search on african elephant with MaxPrecise™:
This search will only find Scholar Profiles that have the terms ‘african’ and ‘elephant’ within 10 words of each other in one search field such as name (this would need to be someone's full name), affiliation, interest, title, abstract or CV page. Therefore, it would find a match for a profile that includes the following in an abstract field, “ the elephants have been rapidly disappearing from the African savannah...” The previous example above would not make a match because the 2 terms are in different fields.

A search on “African elephant” as a quoted phrase search:
This search will only find Scholar Profiles that have this exact phrase in a single field. Therefore, it will return Scholar Profiles with matches such as “The demise of the African elephant in...” in a title field, but would not make a match to either of the two examples above.

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